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Horton & Sons

Gun and Rifle Specialists

We are proud of our long heritage and historical influence within the gun trade in both Birmingham and Glasgow. Many in the trade still perceive us to be a Scottish Gun maker, despite us having only been resident in the city for a mere sixty nine years of our two hundred and seventy year history. Amongst these pages you'll find our new Horton gun models, our remanufactured and refurbished stock of Holland & Holland, Purdey, Boss & Co and many more quality brands and details about our industry leading gun repair services which we provide to both trade and public.

Game fishing rods and reel manufacturers

Horton & Sons first manufactured a wide range of supreme quality game fishing tackle, including rods and reels back in the late 19th Century. Our first tackle catalogue was produced in 1885 and included a vast array of primary tackle, lures, lines and accessories for the adventurous game angler.

Once again we have bought back into manufacture a concise and select range of supreme quality fishing tackle, updated for the 21st Century game fishing angler.


Find out a little more about us and our history in the UK Gun trade that dates back to c1750

Horton Guns

Each gun is handmade and bespoke to each client's exacting requirements in our Birmingham workshops.

Gun Room

From our remanufactured guns to other select guns and rifles that adorn our gunroom.


The select few Artisans we chose to work with to deliver upon our bespoke made for adventurers promise.

The Adventurer

Our Blog, a mix of education and jovial pieces from contributors.

Sporting Agency

From traditional Partridge to big Game in Africa

Preperation with a gun and customer

What we are up to and when


From re-barrelling of your Holland and Holland to re-stocking of your Purdey