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Introducing the Kizilkaya RT25 Competition shotgun

We at Horton & Sons used to retail a number of brands including Rizzini, Merkel and Zoli amongst a few others. We stopped doing that to focus on our own guns and to develop the gunsmithing and repair element of our business. We weren’t looking at taking on any brands to retail, until a chance meeting that drew our attention to the RT25’s made by Kizilkaya (pronounced kiz-il-kay-a). It wasn’t that long ago that guns out of Turkey were sneered at as cheap tat, however, times change, look at the ATA’s that are now a mainstay on many clay grounds. By god, haven’t times changed, the RT25 is set really ruffle some feathers in the competition gun market.

These guns have all the features and build quality that you’d expect to see on the top end competition guns from Beretta, Browning, Perazzi and many others. From the materials used in the construction of both the action and barrels, they just ooze quality and the detachable trigger set is perfect.

We’re just finalising a few details and waiting for the first two demo guns to come into the UK later this month. If you’re interested in hearing more then drop us an email to and we’ll keep you posted. Join us at a future date and shoot them, proof is in the pudding after all.

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