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The Kizilkaya RT25 Competition gun

As we said in a previous post, we will be bringing the Kizilkaya guns into the UK working with Highland Outdoor. Initially they will be available to demo and orders taken on a deposit basis with delivery within 4 months until we build up the UK stock. These guns are made with quality being of paramount importance, not quantity. The standard black and silver action with comb raiser will retail at £4999.99. The semi engraved and case hardened version for £5999.99 and the fully engraved version similar to the DT11 EELL will be £6999.99. In the near future we will also be looking at delivering a custom stocked offering with a quicker turnaround than any other brand. Oh and to boot we’ll offer healthy part ex pricing and will guarantee the future value of your Kizilkaya RT25 if you trade it in against a new one.

Now before you start saying ‘but its Turkish’, hear what we say when we say these guns are quality! They are as good as any high end competition gun on the market for a fraction of the price by comparison, they come with 5 year warranty, spare trigger, spare main springs and 5 chokes.

Now think of the maths, lets look at the gun it obviously emulates side by side. A Beretta DT11 is twice the price and over 5 years it will lose almost the entire cost of a Kizilkaya RT25. When you start adding in custom stocking costs, wood upgrades etc the gap widens even more.



Yes we are sticking our neck out here and agree it won’t be for everyone. The analogy I would use and refer to is cars, for the more brand conscious people will opt to purchase an Audi and will overlook the other brands in the VAG group such as VW, Seat and Skoda despite them sharing the same running gear, wiring looms, engines etc etc. However, the polar opposite is true, we also have less brand conscious people who will look for best value and total cost of ownership. It is to those people, the Kizilikaya RT25 will make perfect sense.

We have a series of demo days coming up during March and April, please drop us an email and we’ll add you to the mailing list and keep you updated.




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