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Conservation through hunting – Killing the Shepherd.

I was chatting to James Rose, MD of Lyalvale (Part of Fiocchi) at the British shooting show a few weeks ago who explained how they are planning a campaign to introduce people to shooting, commendable cause but one that needs campaigning via various angles. You have licensing issues, planning and shooting rights issues and a plethora of other topics to take into consideration. One of the main ones being the promotion of game shooting/hunting to the wider community, why do we do it and why it has to continue? Show people the importance of it and they may be enthused enough to take part. Anyway earlier this week  I received a mailer from the GWCT (Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust) that was promoting the latest Tom Orpe film due out this spring, Killing the Shepherd, the last keeper. Trailer below.


If it is anything like the first Killing the Shepherd film, it will be a great watch and very thought provoking. For me, one of the worrying things that Tom identifies in his films is the decline in people choosing to hunt/shoot and I think its a similar story for fishing which is also in decline. I’m not sure if it’s a generational thing that will return in time, sign of the economic times or are we as a race evolving to lose the desire to hunt and gather?

It is alarming how many people have no clue about nature, conservation or where food comes from. These same people have infiltrated society at a high level and influence government policy. We now have farmers encouraged and paid by governments not to farm and ‘rewild’ huge swathes of land, then the same governments plead with supermarkets to put a cap on food prices, yet the lack of supply of food because of their own policy is the very thing pushing up the food prices. A definition of madness? Or managed Anarchy? If you talk to the people who believe in rewilding, they are 100% convinced that the strategy is sustainable and the right thing to do. It is worth mentioning that most of them also think the Lion King film is a documentary.

If you shoot/hunt or at least understand the need for it, I would ask you to share this blog post and the videos contained within it to as many people as you possibly can. It definitely gives a very logical perspective, an alternative to that pushed by main stream media. To educate and inform people goes some way. However we must go further than just talking and watching, it is up to all of us who do hunt/shoot/fish to pass it on to the next generation. So, I urge all of you to teach at least one other person to hunt/shoot and/or fish. We cannot just sit back and whine that something is in decline if we aren’t prepared to do something about it, as doing nothing makes us part of the problem.

The first Killing the Sheppard really hits home that when we (man) don’t actively manage the habitat for the good of all, it really does become the Badlands. For all those people who believe hunting is archaic outdated thing of the past, I suggest you watch the film below. Whether it be African plains or the highlands of Scotland, the logic is still the same. The first video is the trailer and the second is the full feature length film.


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