Tel: 0121 369 1855


Tel: 0121 369 1855

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The Horton & Sons team complete a variety of repair work for both Trade and Public, all work is guaranteed and quality checked before it leaves. We are based in Birmingham’s Gun Quarter which has the highest concentration of Gunsmiths in the UK, as such we can undertake most repairs, restorations and alterations. If what you require isn’t listed below, please contact us.

We offer re-stocking of any gun and access to some 100+ gun stock blanks, whether it be for shotgun or rifle.

Re-barrelling of side by side shotguns, double rifles or bolt action rifles. With superb quality and craftsmenship that goes into making these new barrels sets, it is a particularly cost effective option for tired and out of proof Holland & Holland, Purdey, Boss, Woodward and other top English guns.

Gun engraving

It is generally not cost effective or possible to completely re-engrave a gun. However modifications to personalise some guns can be completed (depends on the hardening process the respective gun has been subjected to). If you have an old English gun that is of reasonable value, although the engraving is tired and worn out we can re-cut and re-work the engraving and re-harden (case colour or polished finish) to bring the respective gun back to brand new condition.

Gun stocking process
General gun repairs being completed by a gunsmith