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Tel: +44 (0)121 369 1855

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Horton Guns

Since restarting in 2012, it has been our aim to manufacture some of the best guns back in Birmingham where we have a history in the trade since 1751. Despite the Horton name often being considered a Scottish maker due to our 80+ year presence in Glasgow, Stirling and Oban we are a Birmingham gun maker and proud of it.

We now offer a range of guns from over and under shotguns, side by side shotguns, double rifles and bolt action rifles. Each one is made for you and your adventures taking between 9 and 18 months to complete depending on the complexity of what you require in your perfect gun.

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Birmingham guns have a spirit and ethos that is far different to our London counterparts. It is substance/function first over style that give them a unique charm. Afterall it is Birmingham guns that helped us as a nation build a once great empire. One of our best clients summed this up perfectly in his own comparison of London guns vs Birmingham guns;

Horton guns being developed on a desktop computer

'London guns are like the beautiful wife that stays at home looking pretty, whereas a Birmingham gun is like a mistress you play away with, she is fun loving, up for an adventure and never fails to satisfy'