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Bespoke Glassware

Horton & Sons have access to some of the best bespoke glass craftsmen in the midlands, so whether you require a presentation set of tumblers or a real statement piece to wow guests at dinner parties and gatherings we can help. We can also embellish your piece of glass with silver collars under the hallmark of Horton &Allday which has a history in the Jewellery trade going back to the 1860’s.


To further embellish your bespoke glassware, Horton & Sons are proud to Introduce Carl Burton Palmer bespoke glassware. Carl apprenticed at Royal Brierley crystal and is an artisan of the highest order, one of the best and last copper wheel engravers around. in 40-50 years, this technique will no doubt have died out due to the lengthy apprenticeship of 5+ years just to become mildly competent. It is labour intensive, and the results are not to be mistaken with that of shot blasting. Only when you hold one of Carls pieces to the light do you see the real 3-dimensional characteristics appearing to jump out of the glass that you can only get from the copper wheel engraving which effectively carves into the fine crystal lead any number of designs that Carl creates. A fine crystal tumbler can take between 4 & 8 hours to create. So if you would like to commission a piece, please get in touch or if you’d like to purchase a piece of Carls work then head over to our shop to see current stock.

Carl has taken on commissions for Royalty and no end of celebrities to immortalise much loved pets such as dogs and horses. Also various fish, big African game and other quarry species to remind you of an adventure. In addition, Carl has created some superb one-off treasures of the future such as our very own Horton Macnab decanter featuring a Grouse, Stag and Salmon. This is being auctioned in the Bonhams whisky sale on 21st September with all proceeds going to GWCT. Further details can be found on our blog with a link to the lot at Bonhams.

See time lapse video below that gives you some idea of the work that goes into creating one of these fine pieces of art.