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Rod Room

The Horton family started making the very best fly fishing tackle in 1885. Quality Salmon, Trout and sea fly rods were made to any length or bend to the specific customer requirements. The fly reels were too manufactured to exacting standards without compromise. They are now highly collectible and still in use today.

For the 21st Century we are once again manufacturing the finest rods and reels for the adventuring sporting fisherman.

Fishing Reels

original fishing reels from hortons

Our current Britannia range includes a 3” trout reel, a 3.5” wide arbour salmon reel and the superb Mahseer adventure reel for the exotic species angler quarry.Yes this is our standard but do not mistake it for a copy of anything else on the market, every detail has been designed to be better than anything on the market without compromise.

Quality of engineering over engineering cost is the mantra. For example, elements such as the spindle are high grade stainless steel opposed to mild steel. Aerospace grade alloys opposed to inferior materials are used. The clutch mechanism is manufactured on the very same machine that made all the firing buttons on the spitfire planes of WW2 and will feature on all Horton reels. It is then assembled by hand with the view that if it ever should require a replacement part, it can be replaced quickly and within our lifetime warranty.

Each reel is given a unique serial number which is engraved by hand in our workshops in Birmingham and then entered into our ledgers because we expect them to last more than a lifetime and will be a collectible of the future. Unashamedly British in design, manufacture and very proud to be.

Fishing Rods

original fishing reels from hortons

We continue the Britannia line into our rod range. Yes the Britannia range is our standard; however our standard is set as high as you could expect. Each rod is made by hand to order giving the client exactly what they desire. So whether you want a fast handling 2 piece trout rod or a 6 piece travel salmon rod, it makes no difference to us.

What is included in the Britannia Rod? The standard colour is Midnight Blue painted by us in our workshops in Birmingham. Any of the handmade cork handles/grips with Titanium reel seat as listed below. First eye with Agate ring for stripping the line, all other eyes are titanium. Hand whipped in two shades of silver. A Birmingham sterling silver shield embedded into the reels seat to be engraved with your initials. A handmade rod bag made in tough black cotton canvas.

Both rods and reels are each given a unique serial number and each buyer added into our ledgers.

Bespoke options are almost endless, the video below details some of the options available to you. Please contact us to discuss what you want made for you.

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