Karl Hauptmann Guns

The History Behind it All

Karl Hauptmann have been manufacturing weapons of outstanding quality and designed for professional hunting since 1939. The classic designs, engravings and precious materials all combine to make the sporting guns highly sought-after collector's items. The fusion of hunting experience, creativity and expertise passed down through the Hauptmann family result in the unique hunting weapons. Hauptmann follow the objective of 'Ten fingers, one thought', which has led to the creation of the bespoke, elaborately crafted rifles, with only around 25 rifles made each year. If you decide to purchase an Hauptmann gun, you join a very exclusive club.

History of Creations:

The earliest known weapon from Georg Hauptmann is from 1902

Karl Hauptmann I.
According to the oral tradition the naming of today’s “Bergstutzen” was his idea. He worked in the weapon’s factory in Steyr between 1930 and 1935

1939: Founding of Karl Hauptmann’s company

1964: business was taken over by Karl Hauptmann II.
He manufactures the first Triple Rifle in 1994 and obtains patent protection for it.

2005: transfer to Gerd Hauptmann
Ejectors for Triple Rifle, Titanium barrel, trigger plate mounted boxlock – Light Pull, new trigger system and magazine lid locking for our Slim Line Bolt Action Rifles.
Most of these innovations do have patent protection and are therefore only offered by us.


Hauptmann Rifles

Double Rifle

Hauptmann's Double Rifle are built in a range of calibres, from the smallest to largest possible. After being proved and tested over many years, this Double Rifle is known to provide noticeable handling and pointing ability. It comes in two variations; the Boxlock Double Rifle and the Sidelock Double Rifle, and both are distinguished by it's outstanding balance which Hauptmann paid particular interest to during the construction process.

  • Boxlock Double Rifle

With an wonderfully delicate rounded body system and a small action frame, this rifle is best known for simple elegance meeting traditional double barrel rifle construction. A system, which was newly developed and patented by Hauptmann, with the worldwide lowest trigger pull of approximately 600 g.

  • Sidelock Double Rifle

The sidelock is most sought after type of lock mechanism. Hauptmann have refined the classic with our light pull sidelocks, which are used for double rifles and shotguns, but also very important for our triple rifle side by side. There are also unprecedented trigger weights of 400 gram which are possible alongside this rifle. The three main versions of this rifle available are: Classical sidelock H&H style and Classical sidelock H&H style with hidden screws. Only the pin of hammer with cocking indicator is visible, which is an advantage with complex engravings, as they are not “broken”.

Triple Rifle

Hauptmann were the first ever gun makers to manufacture this technically elaborate and demanding rifle.The patented and protected triple rifle side by side is one of the most precious specifics of the classical rifle manufacturing and the newly developed selective ejector ensures a reliable ejecting.  A wonderful weapon with exceptional precision starting with 3,5 kg. Around 280 single pieces of this genuinely unique gun have been made, each to the clients exacting requirements.

Bolt Action Rifle

In the Hauptmann's manufacturing facility, special care was taken to aesthetically refine this everyday rifle and furnish with new technical refinements. Experience and attention to detail make the bolt action rifle extraordinary, with new special barrel designs and an individual line which bring the bolt action rifle back into the category of classic hunting rifles. The lightest and slimmest Mauser action rifle in the world today.

Side Lever Rifle & Shotguns

The Side Lever Rifle was manufactured in hopes of being the most effective double rifle ever made. It can be easily reloaded and quite quickly, as the hand of the shooter stays on the pistol grip when opening. The lowly mounted scope allows the rifle to be shot conveniently, and it is known to have the perfect trigger pull it enables precise shooting even with the single trigger from the Light Pull System. This action can also be used for a side by side shotgun which again can be aesthetically designed to the clients requirements and resembles some of the fine Stephen Grant shotguns.


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