New Horton Guns

The new 'Imperial' boxlock

The highest grade boxlock has been recreated and is due to be finished being engraved by the end of this years season. They will retail at £12,995 + VAT and available in 12, 16, 20 & 28 gauge. Before we resurrected the business, most W Horton guns were being sold at auction for between £400 & £1000. That ceiling was shattered recently in a sale at Holts on the 15th September 2016, with an example of the 'Imperial' going under the hammer for £4,000 (that was with the right barrel being measured at 18 thou, thus only marginally being in proof).

The all new 'Venus' over & under

The new Horton gun will be a round action boxlock. Round actioned to symbolise the families time spent in Scotland and a Boxlock action as the initial Boxlock was invented in Birmingham, back where William Horton completed his training in the mid nineteenth century and where we are now situated. The new Horton gun will be made in Birmingham by a team of specialist gunsmiths who collectively have more than 190 years of experience with some of the best known English makers.

The higher grade Horton guns such as the Imperial around the turn of the last century featured a young girl on the top lever, she was fondly known as the Whimsical Girl. Oliver (Williams Son) read classics at Glasgow University and was very fond of the renaissance artists, in particular Botticelli who painted a piece named The birth of Venus. The picture by Botticelli (below) depicts;

Venus rising from the sea, looking like a classical statue and floating on a seashell. On Venus' right is Zephyrus, God of Winds, he carries with him the gentle breeze Aura and together they blow the Goddess of Love ashore. The Horae, Goddess of the Seasons, waits to receive Venus and spreads out a flower covered robe in readiness for the Love Goddess' arrival.

 Oliver was so taken by this artwork of the period, he duly named his first daughter "Roberta Venus Horton". Hence all higher grade guns being adhorned with the "Whimsical Girl" in homage to his first born.

The Venus will retail at £14,995 + VAT.

The 'Buchanan' sideplated boxlock

A limited run of 20g sideplated boxlocks have been commissioned and are now available to order. 100% made in Birmingham. Superb value at £10,500 + VAT featuring border engraving and case hardened finish. Now SOLD OUT.

The 'Strathmore' round action boxlock

A very recent commission, this gun will be initially made to a client's specification. A 28 gauge, 28" round bodied boxlock ejector with assisted opening. This is due to be completed in November 2017. Check back for details and images.

Future guns

We also have plans for a true sidelock side by side shotgun featuring a treble bite action, due December 2018. In addition to this, ideas of a .500 nitro double are being thrashed around. If you have a specific requirement for either a rifle or shotgun, we can make it for you.

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