Services and Repair

W Horton & Son only use the finest craftsmen with at least 20 years of experience within some of the worlds famed gunmakers.

The figures below are for guidance only and exclude VAT.

 Lengthen stock Wood (Checkered Butt) 


Lengthen stock Leather Covered Recoil Pad (To 1")
Lengthen stock Silvers Recoil Pad (To 1")
Lengthen stock Kick Ease (To 3/4")
Shorten stock Including Butt Checker
Alter cast
Alter drop
Re-stock double rifle Excluding Wood
Re-stock sidelock Excluding Wood
Re-stock boxlock Excluding Wood
Re-stock forend Excluding Wood
Re-finish and re-checker stock
Re-finish only
Re-checker only
Fit gold oval
Initials - per letter

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