Stalking France

France has enjoyed over two thousand years of hunting history. There are many species of wild animals and 95% of the hunting takes place in free ranging areas. There are also some fenced areas from 1,000 to 7,000 acres.

We organize hunts in France to stalk European Mouflon Sheep, European Red Deer, Pyrenean and Alpine Chamois, European Roe Deer, European Fallow Deer and Wild Boar.

We offer many different hunting areas depending on the game you are looking for:

  • Forest areas from 50 to 150 km from Paris (for Red Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar and Fallow Deer),
  • Forest mountain areas (for Red Deer, Roe Deer, Mouflon Sheep, Wild Boar, Feral Goat) in the southern and eastern part of France.
  • Mountain areas (for Pyrenean Chamois, Alpine Chamois, Mouflon Sheep, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar) in the southern part of France in the Pyrenean and Alpine Mountains, in outstanding surroundings. 

For your entire stay, you will have an English speaking member of the W Horton & Son team as your guide. In addition to the hunting, you and your possible companion would be well placed to take advantage of all the opportunities Paris has to offer. Alternatively, there may be others things you might like to see or do while in France, we of course can assist you with this too.

Hunting seasons:

  • European Red Deer: from beginning of September to end of February
  • European Roe Deer: from beginning of June to mid-November
  • European Fallow Deer: from mid-September to end of February
  • European Mouflon Sheep: from beginning of September to mid-December
  • Pyrenean Chamois: from beginning of September to mid-December
  • Alpine Chamois: from beginning of September to mid-December
  • Wild Boar: from beginning of June to end of February 

Prices in U.S. Dollars:

Price of the hunt

Per day


 $ 780


 $ 380


Accommodation in private castles : extra cost of $ 300 per person and per night.

Trophy fees in U.S. Dollars:

Up to CIC Bronze medal
CIC Bronze medal
CIC Silver medal
CIC Gold medal 
European Red Deer
$ 6,500
$ 7,500
$ 8,500
$ 10,500
European Roe Deer
$ 3,500
$ 3,900
$ 4,300
$ 4,700
European Mouflon Sheep
$ 4,800
$ 5,300
$ 5,800
$ 6,300
Alpine Chamois
$ 4,800
$ 5,300
$ 5,800
$ 6,300
Pyrenean Chamois
$ 4,800
$ 5,300
$ 5,800
$ 6,300
European Fallow Deer
$ 4,500
$ 4,800
$ 5,300
$ 5,700
European Wild Boar
$ 1,500
$ 1,800
$ 2,300
$ 2,700


The full trophy fee is due for animal wounded and impossible to find.

 The price of the hunt includes:

  • Reception and assistance at airport in Paris,
  • Transfer to hotel in Paris or to Hunting Lodge,
  • English speaking guide during all your stay,
  • Full land transportation, accommodations and meals during the hunt (i.e. not in Paris and/or other cities while not hunting), with reasonable extras such as French wine, beer, mineral water, spirits, liquors and soft drinks, - Organizing of your hunt with 4x4 vehicles.

The price of the hunt does not include:

  • Any airfare or travel costs to Paris,
  • Hotel and meals before and after the hunt in Paris,
  • Transfer to hunting area by domestic flights if needed,
  • General hunting license and insurance (400 USD per hunter),
  • Trophy fees,
  • Trophy skinning, cleaning and tanning : European mount (150 USD), Shoulder mount (300 USD), Full mount (450 USD),
  • Trophy export license, veterinary certificate and packing (200 USD per trophy),
  • Phone calls, personal spending money and tips,
  • Taxes : VAT (19,6%) on the total cost,
  • Tour guide : 490 USD per day / car for 1 to 3 persons.

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