• Marocchi Finn 612S


Marocchi Finn 612S



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Marocchi® Finn 612S Shotgun

The Finn 612S was created with the main purpose of creating an Over&Under very technical and suitable for hunting in extreme conditions. The 612 is in fact a highly customisable weapon system that can mount calibro12 smooth-bore barrels,  comby and Expres. Even the choice of shooting is optional with the ability to take the gun single trigger or double trigger. This shotgun is known to be a great weapon system, allowing the shooter to retrofit the platform to use smooth or rifled barrel, even in combination, thus providing a quick and wide choice of calibres and lengths. From pheasants to ungulates, from waterfowl to wild boars, the Finn 612S is the perfect companion for any hunting situation.

Available in 12g.


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