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The Misadventures of Mr Badshot




Mick Badshot is dangerous to know. Unless you are a rabbit, pheasant, pigeon or deer he¹s trying to shoot in which case you are utterly safe. He is a passionate and astonishingly unsuccessful field sportsman. He meddles in rough shooting, game shooting, wildfowling, stalking, falconry, ferreting, eel fishing, beagling and cider making. He takes the countryside gospel into schools, starts a mobile pet euthanasia service, has a market stall selling products made from road-kill, and takes his dog for psychoanalysis. And in return, this hilarious, wise, poignant, Pickwickian buffoon is loved by all who read about him. He appears each month in the columns of the Shooting Times, spouting buckshot and occasionally wisdom. Now his exploits are collected in a superb new book, each misadventure beautifully illustrated by James Wade.

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