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Whats a Chap to do



There are many excellent books to advise the novice shooter on proper gun handling, safety and accuracy. However, no manual can hope to address every problem that might arise in the shooting field or, indeed, beyond it. Being British, there are many such issues which we would never dream of mentioning, let alone actually discussing. A pursed lip or a raised eyebrow may be as far as many chaps are prepared to go in addressing some of these important matters. But these gestures are open to misinterpretation and misunderstanding with possibly disastrous consequences. A few words of advice, a reassuring hand on the shoulder, that just puts a chap's mind at rest and sets him comfortably back on the straight and narrow. Uncle Giles is such a chap and his wise words have been clarifying these matters for readers of the Shooting Gazette for a number of years. A selection of these concerns - and their resolution - are now shared with a wider public

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