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Bit of a scare

We recently announced on our Facebook page that we had Sam Sheeran joining us as we embark in the next chapter of W Horton & Sons Gunmakimg history in Birmingham’s historic Gun Quarter. While Sam should have joined us at the end of July, he has had a bit of a health scare with early prognosis being cystic fibrosis, which would have put pay to his career at the bench. Given that Sam has such a passion for the trade it is with great thanks that the early prognosis has been ruled out and it appears that Sam has a severe bacterial infection similar to Bronchitis. When he is fit and well he’ll be on his way over as we continue to build our Gun manufacturing, repair and customisation offering to the public and trade alike. The below is the Suhl Gunmaking college which is similar to that Sam attended in Western Germany.


A bit more about Sam; Sam is related to the Dublin Gunmaker Wm Kavanagh and from an early age Sam had his heart set on carving out a career at the bench. After finishing the Irish equivalent to the A Level, Sam came over to the UK and visited both Westley Richards and Holland & Holland with the view of taking an apprentice role. However Sam wanted a more rounded and academically recognised course that gave him the certification recognised world over, so with determination and guile that he has in his character he took himself off to the Gunmaking School in Western Germany. He applied without any German language skills at all, got a place for the following years intake and in that intervening period learnt both oral and written German. When he arrived at the school in Germany he paid his own way through school by working in bars and cafes in the evening while studying in the day. He passed with distinction after 5 years and then continued to work in Germany Gun trade for further two years.

W Horton & Sons were at the forefront of the latest UK Government accredited Gunsmith apprenticeship that has now been taken over by the GTA. Our first two Apprentices will be taught by Sam and Sam will in turn learn from some of the best Gunsmiths/makers that Birmingham has produced. Gary Clark, Brian Bateman and Barry King to name a few. Guys who have all but retired are giving time up to pass on skills and knowledge, a first in the UK industry.


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