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Guns with soul

We have lots of nice guns come through our workshops from a variety of esteemed makers. Every now and then you get to see guns that have that je ne sais quois, they have a feeling that triggers something in you, you never get that feeling with a mass produced over and under. We have a client who has ordered a new pair of Horton guns to replace his old Horton guns made in 1908, now that is brand loyalty. The guns were given to him by a very generous uncle on his mothers side, an Arthur Alexander Pitcairn, a career soldier with the black watch regiment who served at various ranks during WW2 and saw a lot of action including the Battle for Crete.

Lieutenant A A Pitcairn

Mr A A Pitcairns’ grandfather was Thomas Pitcairn who is the son of John Pitcairn, Major John Pitcairn who saw action at the Battle of Lexington and who died in action at the Battle of Bunker Hill during the siege of Boston on 17th June 1775 and was immortalised in the famous painting by John Turnbull below. Thomas Pitcairn is holding his mortally wounded father in the image below.

The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunkers Hill

The guns, made in 1908 are assisted opening 12 gauge sidelocks featuring the trademark fluted fences, patent expired polygrip top lever, adjustable trigger pulls and a hidden third bite. They are in need of full restoration but you can feel the quality in these guns, they will make a fine pair for whomever becomes the next custodian of them. See high resolution pictures below.


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