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Unfortunate name but great rifles – Haenel

If like us you are are afflicted with a ‘Brummie’ accent and drop your ‘H’s’ as a result, the last thing you want to try and sell is a rifle brand called Haenel. Can you imagine us asking any potential client if they’ve tried Haenel. As we have this ‘Brummie’ affliction, from this point forward I shall refer to these rifles with the model name of Jaeger which is German for hunter.

The unfortunate name aside these rifles offer a superb alternative to your standard Tikka et al. In fact the Jaeger rifles are in fact made in the same factory as the Merkel Helix and the barrel construction is identical for example. So for those rifle shooters who want the robust Merkel build quality but don’t particularly need the straight pull feature or want the slightly higher price tag, the Jaeger rifles are a great alternative.

See the full list of calibres and formats available in our online gunroom.

Below is a short video with Bob trying out the timber version of this rifle.


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