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Response to hate mail regarding trophy hunting

Recently Channel 4 News aired a story that allegedly claimed that Alex Goss of Blackthorn Safaris who we have worked with extensively in recent years had been organising canned hunts in South Africa.

W Horton & Sons cannot comment on the alleged accusation, although we do suspect the report didn’t allow Mr Goss to explain or deny the alleged accusations. Due to an unprecedented influx of hate mail and given that the website hosting company have taken down the Blackthorn Safari website, to protect our business we have removed all reference to the business on our website.

To be 100% clear W Horton & Sons do not condone canned hunting, however we do support ethical hunting as part of conservation and livestock management. We also don’t believe that the media have also reported it in a way that didn’t give Mr Goss the ability to share the other side of the story.

We were contacted directly by the daily mail as part of a story they were looking to run, we declined as we are well aware of the biased often unfair view that the media portrays of an industry that swathes of people do not understand or fully appreciate.


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