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Martin Bublik engraved Beretta from Douglas Tate & ‘Piggy’ Johnson

This is a complete one off Beretta with a very unique story.

This goes back 20+ years when a Birmingham gunsmith by the name of ‘Piggy’ Johnson befriended a well known gun author Mr Douglas Tate. The two went on to purchase 10 in the white Berettas which were filed and shaped to Anglicise the standard Beretta 687EELL.

This particular gun was engraved by Martin Bublik from Holland & Holland and J Purdey & Sons. Unfortunately it was stolen from Mr Johnsons workshops in Bath St, Birmingham and then sawn off and used in a Post Office job. It was later returned and since restocked and re-barrelled by us. Final few coats of oil and some minor finishing touches and it is ready for a new less salubrious owner.  Could that be you? What would you pay for it?

It is a 12 gauge, 28″ fixed choke (1/4 and 1/2)


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