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The Horton Macnab decanter in aid of GWCT

The Horton decanter idea was born to produce a charity fundraising project to contribute to the coffers of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and display the skills and artwork of our artisan craftsmen. The concept was to produce a truly one-off piece of useable art that celebrates the “Macnab”. This sporting achievement requires the bagging of the three finest elements of Scottish game within one sporting day, and it also reflects the Horton Scottish heritage.

Our three-sided, lead crystal decanter depicts these images, deeply hand engraved in the traditional copper wheel method, by the UKs leading game engraver Carl Burton Palmer. It shows exquisite examples of a roaring stag, jumping salmon and flying grouse, in fabulous detail. In addition, this cased set includes four whisky tumblers depicting a capercaillie, partridge, woodcock and pheasant. These two-dimensional images seem to jump out of the glass, particularly when full!

The Horton Decanter has also had added a unique sterling silver collar hand spun and Birmingham hallmarked This has been adorned with in-house hand engraving by Clive Newland (formerly of Holland & Holland) and decorated with Horton style engraving and thistles reflecting the Scottish theme.

Mark Reynier, maverick distiller, country sportsman, and founder of Waterford Whisky, very kindly donated an amazing bottle of their fantastic Waterford 1st Cuvee Pilgrimage Whisky. This rare and critically acclaimed spirt is another art form, encased in the Horton box.

For safe keeping the complete set is encased in an oak and leather carrying case, in the style of finest gun motor cases and produced by master casemaker Martin Jones (formerly of Brady Ltd and Westley Richards), which completes this outstanding example of the craftsmanship of some of the country’s finest artisans.


This unique set will be auctioned at Bonham’s Edinburgh Whisky auction on December 7th with all proceeds going to the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust to help with their amazing scientific work and to ensure grouse, grey partridge and other species are here for us all to enjoy for generations to come.



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