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The future of lead free ammunition, do we have the solution?

Many people who shoot and those involved in the shooting industry massively underplay the affect the lead ban will have on our much loved sport. Think about it from end to end, the list below is not exhaustive.

The Game Dealers cannot re-sell any game shot with lead already, and some already refuse to take game shot with some alternatives like Bismuth.

The Commercial Shoot who used to put on challenging days for your average game shot will have to somehow workout how to display lower birds to achieve the same sized bags. This will reduce the appeal of the days to many game shots, this could see numerous shoots disappear or become unviable.

The Best Gunmaker  The cost of making a best handmade gun is incredibly high due to the man hours that go into creating such a piece. The potential damage steel shot can have on any gun sort of renders the idea of a ‘best’ gun obsolete. The market could see a more throw away solution where game shots purchase a sub £1000 gun, use it and throw it away after a few seasons.

The Clay Grounds are coming under increasing pressure from environmental agencies to ‘catch up’ the shot for the sake of the environment.  This is cost inhibitive and almost impossible in some cases.

The Shotgun Shooter this is always subjective, however many people value the gun they shoot, the actual appeal of shooting diminishes as many will not want to move to a throw away type of gun ownership. People prefer to use the best gun they can possibly afford and then cherish it over a long period. As mentioned above, they want to be challenged by high and fast birds which some current lead alternatives just don’t lend themselves too. On average over the past 5 years, 15k people every year have handed in their shotgun licence in the UK alone. So, we are already seeing less people shooting in the UK. Small gauges, then you can forget having an alternative, your gun will be useless.

The Rifle Shooter Whether you be a target shooter or stalker of game, you need to hit the target. The alternatives in the market today are thin on the ground and have inherent problems ballistically, some even requiring a change in barrel dynamics. For smaller calibres, this issue is only amplified.

I could go on, however we at Horton & Sons believe we have the answer to the imminent issue. We have invented a new blend of elements that we are calling Hortonium™. In the video below we explain some of the issues with the current alternatives to lead in the shotgun market. Feel free to leave comments or contact us for further information.

See me attempt to explain this in the video below, then below that, a snippet of the 47 page CIP document relating to the loading of lead free ammunition.



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