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Traditional Gunmaking, labour of love or madness?

The term best gun is always subjective and based on each individuals perception of what ‘best’ is. When I talk to people who don’t shoot, they are naturally inquisitive about how we make guns and why they command such a price. When you tell them how long it takes to make a ‘best’ gun, they are often amazed and more often bewildered as to why it takes so long. Yes, of course we utilise more modern machinery than the gunmakers of old, however, we still employ the traditional craftsmanship techniques where it makes the difference in the end result.

For me, a best gun oozes quality in every single aspect. The balance, shapes, engraving, traditionally case colour hardened, the way it opens and shuts, every minor detail, even down to the feel and shape of the triggers. To a less discerning customer, this maybe deemed as unnecessary. I think Benjamin Franklin summed it up perfectly when he said ”The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Below is a short video of one of our guns being shaped by hammer and chisel, this is the sort of the thing that gives a best gun its perfect lines.


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