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We have a solution to the lead ban

With all of the major shooting and rural organisations now supporting a lead ban, or perhaps supporting the prospect by not fighting it very well. In our view the science has been overlooked and it is just yet another attack on our sport. Put simply, the amount of Antimony in lead shot renders the lead content largely indissolveable in most environments. It is appropriate that alternatives to lead based shot be used in association with shooting waterfowl and the shooting community adhere to this practice already.

See below the video posted by BASC


With the lead ban becoming more and more apparent, we at W Horton & Sons have been working hard on a solution to the problem imposed on so many shots who own guns that are not steel proofed. Now while many could stand up to standard steel shot, the inferior ballistic characteristics of steel means to achieve Parity, or close to lead you need superior steel shot which packs more oomph. It is this extra oomph and the pressures on discharge that will place so many family heirlooms outside of the law and moreover render them worthless.

Obviously we won’t divulge the detail of the solution we have pioneered as we prefer to protect our competitive advantage. However, can tell you that it does not involve any form of sleeving and it has been proven in both proof tests and in the field. The barrels do need to be dent free and in reasonable order with at least 24 thou barrels wall thickness and within lead proof measurements to start with.

The turn around time of conducting such a procedure is likely to be 3 months, what you will get back if the barrels meet the criteria above is a set of barrels proofed for superior steel shot. So that Holland & Holland, Purdey, Boss amongst others that will soon be a worthless wall hanger will once again be usable in the field. This service is open to both trade and public. The cost of the service is £1500 per barrel set.

Please get in touch if this is of interest to you and don’t leave it until the last minute. We also offer the service to the trade.


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  • Sir – as well as owning South Worcester Shooting Ground I also run the ‘Perrins Owners Club’ (see web site) My question is ‘Is your process suitable for use with Damascus barrels?’ as most of my members guns are such. Obviously one would need to know a little more about what your process involves without compromising your commercial advantage – if that is possible. Regards, John

    • Steve Horton says:

      We have yet to trial it on Damascus barrels but we will be doing so. It works on steel barrels for certain and has no detriment to the handling of the gun. Weight of the gun etc.