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Why were barrels damaged by steel?

We recently posted some pictures of a barrel set damaged through the use of steel shot. From this we’ve had a number of comments and questions about the use of steel. Yes, in that instance we believe the chap was using high performance steel cartridges supplied by the shoot and he did so unknowingly or just didn’t think. Yes, the gun wasn’t made or proofed for high performance steel, however we believe even standard steel cartridges would have damaged this gun. Watch the video below and look at the pictures (click highlighted text above) yourself and tell us what you think.

In the video, I mention Centripetal Force as one of many factors in a barrel set that had an over pronounced sweep/curvature to start with. To save you googling, Centreptal or Centrfugal force is the force acting on an object in curvilinear motion directed towards the axis of rotation or centre of curvature. So the wad stuffed full of steel shot would have reached the sweep in the barrel, hit the side and then spun hitting the side of the barrel until exit. Then the slightly larger aperture of the barrel which was proofed in early 2000’s at .739 and now measures .746 would have given more space for the wad to rock/roll around in the barrel. A HP steel cartridge has the same proof pressure as a 3″ magnum at 1050 bar (see our other post regarding cartridge proof pressures). I mention ring bulges in the video, I actually mean riveling as ring bulges are normally caused by obstruction in the barrel.


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