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The effects of steel shot, ouch!

We hear it in the press all the time, yes steel is fine to use, no problem at all. To be really frank, they are burying their head in the sand. But don’t take our word for it, look at the evidence.

This quite lovely English gun came into us as the customer had noticed a ‘slight’ bulge in the choke of the left hand barrel. We asked if he’d been shooting steel? Yes, last year on a big shoot he was invited to and they supplied the cartridges. We don’t know if they were HP steel but by the look of the damage left behind, we believe it was. The pressure has even loosened the lump on the barrel itself. It is the worst we’ve ever seen. The wall thickness in the left barrel was 22 thou.

You’ll see from the pictures below that the pressure has actually made the barrel rippled externally and it is even worse on the inside. These barrels are now scrap and beyond all repair and the customer has a dilemma, does he foot the bill for a new set of barrels? Or does he buy a cheap throw away gun?

THIS IS EXACTLY WHY THE UK NEED A CREDIBLE LEAD SHOT ALTERNATIVE. We are now close to a deal on our Hortonium shot, we don’t want to see guns abused like this.


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  • Simon Mansell says:

    A mass of steel as hard as the barrels enclosing it forced down a contacting barrel is a shooting example of Newton’s this law of motion: For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. This means that if you push on the barrel wall with a substance equally as strong but forced by an explosive mass, then that wall with expand beyond its capacity to resist.