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Hortonium Page

With the requirement for lead free ammunition heating up, we’ve created a dedicated page to give you, the shooters all the information on Hortonium. Hortonium, we believe is the best lead ammunition. In shot form, it is the ONLY alternative that can be loaded identical to a lead cartridge. This makes perfect sense to you, the end customer, if you use shoot any gun and normally use a fibre wad lead 5 shot, then use the same as we explain in the Hortonium page. From a manufactures perspective, it makes perfect sense, they continue to load as they did any lead product.

Do we manufacture ammunition? No, we do not and as such we can’t dictate the price of the overall cartridge or round. Simple maths applies here, if you buy 1 of something vs 50 of something the price fluctuates accordingly. Therefore our buying power of raw materials fluctuate inline with that. Initially, we would have preferred to licence the manufacture of the shot and alloy, however,  many companies no longer have that in house capability so we’ve created the capability both in the US and here in Europe. It is on a plate ready to be eaten, enjoy.

If you want to know when it is available, then I would ask you to email your preferred ammunition company and ask, it is available to all that wish to purchase it from March 24 (read the page and it will explain).

Click the image below to be diverted to the Hortonium page which includes information regarding our manufacturing partner and the shot and ammunition itself.

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  • Roland Dartnell says:

    Will hortonium work as 12 g slug? Will it be available as component for reloading?
    Thanks for your work on our behalf, I hope it proves profitable to you

    • Steve Horton says:

      Yes it will work as a slug. The plan is to work with reloading retailers in the US (much bigger market than Europe). We have to start somewhere, so it has to start where volumes exist. That gives us buying power to the slowly expand the range over the next 3-4 years.