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We want your old Guns

We recently launched our Horton remade guns¬†which have had loads of interest with several clients lined up to take advantage of a pretty much new gun from acclaimed makers such as Holland & Holland, Purdey, Boss, Grant et al. Of course we are working with our contacts within the trade to source donor guns, however to cast the net further we’d like to speak to any individual who has any guns from these makers who wish to part with them.

We currently require the following guns, ideally in the worst condition possible as they will be re-barreled and re-stocked anyway. So even if they are marginal, below recommended minimum wall thickness or cracked stocks, that is ideal for what we need.

A pair of 12G Holland & Holland Royals.

A single 12G Boss side by side.

2 x single 12G Purdeys

A single 12G Holland & Holland Royal.

Also if you are in the trade on a self employed basis and interested in re-locating to Birmingham, we can assist you in this. The trade has never been busier. Equally if you would like to discuss working for us directly, we’d be more than welcome a conversation from proficient gunsmiths.

Below is an interesting picture of where our workshops are from the 1960’s. Our workshops take up the first floor of ‘New Buildings’ which have housed such names as William Powell, George Bate, Robertson (originally Westley Richards and later Boss), Boss & Co themselves (still on the top floor), Lightwood & Son and god knows how many others as the building has been in constant use as gun workshops since c1800.


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