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Debanked by our own Government, not just the commercial banks

Nigel Farage recently brought to light something that has been dubbed, being ‘debanked’, where a commercial business cancels your account/service because they don’t agree with your political stand point or your business activities.

This really isn’t a new thing and has been happening for the best part of 15 years to our knowledge. We, at Horton & Sons have had the same thing happen several times. Had our business account frozen without notice several times until we prove we are legal, several card machines cancelled and funds held awaiting further ‘investigation’. Yes, you could argue that like any business, they are free to chose who you do business with. However, if it were a business staffed by black disabled trans gender women who manufactured gay pride flags, they’d have them in court and win.

There is clearly a debate to be had about private businesses picking and choosing who they do business with, however what about our own Government? The Government we pay taxes to and vote for, the Government who should technically work for our benefit?

As many of you will know, we have invented a new lead replacement for use in a variety of ammunition, Hortonium. We have various companies who have tested it and want to place orders for it. To do this, we need very modest capital investment to get up and running, we must be eligible for a grant you would think? After a quick search I came across a grant from ‘Innovate UK‘ that when you read the eligibility criteria, our new invention meets the criteria to the letter. The first line of the scope to be successful in a grant application reads ‘a game-changing, innovative, and disruptive idea that will lead to new products, processes or services’ . I mean you’d forgive me for thinking this grant has been written for us. Given our experience of most organisations saying no, I thought I’d double check first and pinged an email over to their unhelpful desk who have an SLA of a 5 day response, well after 10 days I got a response that we weren’t eligible for a grant.

Now here’s the quite laughable good part, we are not eligible because we are deemed as a national security risk. How does that even make sense? We are licensed by the police and each employee is checked by the home office!! NATO of which our own armed forces are a member, have pledged to remove lead from small arms ammunition by 2030 and we have the solution that works in that very application.

If this isn’t discrimination then I have no idea what is. It is cancel culture at its very finest and it has come direct from a Government department that we all vote for. An apparent Conservative government who should be encouraging business. All I say is, god help us at the next election when Labour get into power.


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  • Duncan Inglis says:

    I’d be challenging that decision, obviously made by some civil servant with no idea. Totally ridiculous reasoning that needs to be persued and taken to task.