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The Barrel sleeving process

  1. We’ve recently had a lot of enquiries for barrel sleeving for shotguns. One of the main questions is whether doing this would make the guns suitable for superior steel shot. The fact is, the actions aren’t designed to cope with the excess pressure generated by high performance steel shot, see our guide to CIP proof guidelines for more information. This is why we’ve invented our new lead free shot, Hortonium which will be on the market later this year.

In this sleeving job, the barrels had already been lined or sleeved, they had slipped and were dented. This is the main issue with lining any barrels, if you dent them, they are really difficult to repair. Due to this, we had to cut the old barrels off closer to the lump than you would normally do. We then inserted new (old stock) Webley & Scott tubes from the 1970’s to ensure colour match after blacking. No welding in the join at all, just a lot of patience and black smoke to ensure a really tight fit. We can also re-barrel over and under shotguns too.

Watch the video below from our Mr Andre Kesler who talks you through the process.





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